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Application Process and Deadlines

The Admissions Committee of Lock Haven University's Physician Assistant Program welcomes applications for the 2017-2018 admissions cycle beginning on April 27th, 2017.  Potential students should apply to the program through the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA). 

Applications must be completed AND verified by CASPA by OCTOBER 1st including official report of GRE scores directly to CASPA (Designated Institution (DI) Code 8827). 

Candidates are eligible to apply if they will complete all prerequisite courses prior to the start of the program in May.

Click Here for more detailed information on our Admission Requirements

A minimum of five students, enrolled in the Lock Haven University Department of Health Sciences Pre-Physician Assistant Degree Program, meeting the entry requirements of the current 3 + 2 Majors, following a successful interview, are admitted each year.  Please discuss with the Chair of the Health Sciences Department. 

Please click here for Requirements for International Medical Graduates  

***The LHU graduate physician assistant program admissions committee reserves the right to make exceptions to minimum requirements required for admissions in extenuating circumstances.  
***The LHU graduate physician assistant program admissions committee does not accept advanced placement courses for program professional courses, modules, or clinical experiences.  Our official policy can be found in the student handbook 

Enrollment in the Physician Assistant Program is limited.
Students are selected upon evaluation of the following factors: completion of academic prerequisites, academic ability, residency, evidence of potential for future practice in primary care in medically underserved areas of Pennsylvania, evidence of personality traits indicating an ability to work effectively with people, and letters of recommendation. Those candidates who appear most qualified based upon the above factors may be asked for a personal interview.  Shadowing experience with physician assistants is encouraged.  Health care experience, while beneficial, is not a requirement for admission.  

Technical Standards for completion of the requirements of the PA Program can be found at Technical Standards

*If you have applied to our program through CASPA, please continue to check your e-mail frequently for any updates as this is our programs primary mode of communication with applicants*

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Join us for an open house...

If you would like to register for one of the sessions, you may do so online here.  Simply select which campus you would like to visit here:

Clearfield Campus:  Click here for details and to register! (http://www.lhup.edu/Clearfield/admissions/open_house.html)

Open Houses at the Clearfield Campus begin at 9am and conclude by noon.

  • Dates for the 2017-2018 Academic Year Open Houses at the Clearfield Campus will be posted when available.

Lock Haven Campus:   Please register online

Willis Health Professions Building 10:00-11:00

Harrisburg Campus:  Please contact Harrisburg Administrative Assistant, Elizabeth Glabus, at eglabus@lhup.edu to sign up for the spring open house.

Coudersport Campus:  Please contact Coudersport Campus Coordinator, Pam Ruane, at 570-484-2603 to schedule an individual appointment to visit this campus.

*Additional Open Houses will be posted here as they are scheduled.

Download the Lock Haven University Physician Assistant Program's brochure here:  Lock Haven University Physician Assistant Program Brochure 

Questions?:  E-mail gradadmissions@lhup.edu

Outside Employment Policy-The LHU PA Program strongly discourages students from seeking employment during the intensive graduate educational process. Our official policy can be found in the PA Student Handbook